Overstreet.co.uk is our attempt to create a simple and effective property portal that focuses on things that matter – helping buyers find their dream properties and ensuring agents get maximum exposure for their listings.

UK’s real estate market is currently dominated by a small number of portals which essentially charge agents exorbitant fees for listing their properties. We want to provide these very agents another alternative which offers unique tools and doesn’t cost a fortune to benefit from.

On the other hand, interested buyers have to search for properties on multiple portals because there is no one-stop portal that lists all the available properties in one place.

We want to fix all this, which is why listing on OverStreet.co.uk is and will remain completely free for estate agents. We also cater to property owners who want to sell their properties themselves, and allow them one active listing at a time.

Similarly, buyers using OverStreet.co.uk get access to our extensive property listings repository which is routinely updated to reflect market changes. In order to facilitate buyers we have developed an internal search engine for our listings along with a dedicated search assistant feature. This means that they can locate their desired property even if it’s not listed on our portal as yet.

For estate agents, we are working on our unique lead generation engine which will result in free real estate leads for them. If an agent wishes to receive all real estate leads generated for his/her postcode, we are also offering affordable postcode subscription packages which are aimed at delivering value for money.

Our main goal is to develop and offer unique tools that help our member agents and users by making the whole process of finding, buying and renting property simpler. If you have any suggestions for us, please feel free to write at contact@overstreet.co.uk.